How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

How to Save Money on Your Electric and Natural Gas Bill

As the cold of winter settles in, it’s a natural time to think about your energy bill. Thermostats climb, causing furnaces
to work overtime. Local television stations regularly share news about how high energy bills can climb.

So how can you save money on your energy bill, no matter the weather? Here are a few hacks to reduce your energy consumption and lower your bill, without freezing in the winter or melting in the summer:

Be Smart About Your Laundry

Do you know which chore is one of the biggest sources of energy usage in our homes? Cleaning dirty laundry. Your washer and dryer require a great deal of energy to suds up your socks and towels. How can you cut down on the amount of energy but still keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh?

    • Wash in cold water: Your hot water heater costs nearly $800 to power each year, so use less hot water by turning your water heater down to 120 degrees and washing your clothes in cold water whenever you can. An added bonus? Cold water is gentler on your clothes, so you’ll be looking fresher, longer.
    • Use dryer balls: It is probably costing you around $100 (or more) to power your dryer every year. Dryer balls can reduce the amount of time dramatically, adding up to several dollars in savings each month.
  • Or better yet, air dry: Line-drying clothes can save you even more. Check out how you can DIY your own indoor clothesline for use on rainy days and colder weather.

Try a Smart Thermostat

New thermostats are getting fancier – yet simpler to use – every year. Program a smart thermostat to lower your HVAC usage when you are away for the day and adjust back to your preferred temperature when you are set to arrive home.

Or, better yet, set it to pick up on your location with a programmable geofence (via your smartphone) and allow your thermostat to adjust accordingly when you approach your neighborhood.

Change Your Air Filters

When was the last time you changed your HVAC air filters? If your air filters are full of dust and dirt, your air conditioner and furnace have to work overtime to cool and heat your home.

Clean air filters can reduce HVAC energy consumption by 15% each month, and since your HVAC system accounts for approximately half of your energy costs each month, that means you can see a 7.5% decrease in your bill each month, just by changing your air filters. Change your filter at least once every 3 months for the optimal use.

Unplug Your Appliances

Even when they aren’t turned on, electronic devices pull energy constantly. Lamps, phone chargers, hair dryers, and televisions all pull energy, no matter if they are powered “on” or not. Unplug them when they aren’t in use and you’ll save on energy costs.

One way to make this easier? Plug into a power strip, then you only have to unplug once. Better yet? Invest in a smart power strip, which shuts down power to products (like televisions and DVD players) that are in standby mode.

Check Windows and Doors

If the seals on your windows and doors aren’t energy efficient, you’ll see it in your energy bill. You can improve the energy efficiency of existing doors and windows with caulking, weatherstripping, and even with draperies to keep hot air out in the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Since one-quarter of heat loss happens through a home’s windows and doors, these portals are a major factor in how expensive (or inexpensive) an energy bill can be. Check out additional ways to weatherproof windows and doors to cut energy costs.  

Compare Energy Rates

Are you getting the best rate you can from your energy company? One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to find energy suppliers that may offer a more competitive rate. Check rates today with Quake Energy to see how your rate stacks up in your zip code.

To check rates or switch suppliers, all you need is your current energy bill. Your new supplier will continue to send your bill through your current utility company, and you don’t have to worry about filing any paperwork. Plus, there’s no credit card required to switch or check rates!

Another way to keep your bill low? Lock in a personalized, fixed-rate plan so there are never any surprises when your bill arrives each month. Quake Energy offers various rates and pricing options through your existing utility provider, so you can trust that you have the rate and plan that works best for your lifestyle. Switching to Quake Energy is a quick, painless process!

Enrolling with Quake Energy provides you with competitive rates, while your current utility company continues to deliver your electricity, read your meter and send you a monthly bill. The only difference you’ll notice? A personalized plan that works better for your lifestyle.

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