Moving tips for Ohio and beyond

Are you planning a move to Ohio? Great choice – Ohio is an amazing state with lots to offer. We hope you’ll consider some of our moving tips when you relocate to the Buckeye State.


Finding reliable movers can be tricky. This is true whether you’re hiring professionals or using your DIY skills. Keep the following things in mind when choosing a mover or truck rental:

• Insurance is important! Many credit cards and renter’s plans provide some level of insurance, but it’s important to double-check. You can also purchase insurance from the moving/rental company. Do you want insurance that covers only your belongings, or are you also concerned about potential liability in case of an accident? Taking the time to ask these questions can save you stress and money.
• Check websites for customers’ reviews about your potential moving company. Angie’s List and Yelp are great starting points. Of course, be aware of potentially phony reviews made by the company itself (or a competitor). Try to find reviews from individuals who are designated as trusted or elite reviewers.
• Does your family own more than one car? Do you plan to drive multiple cars to your new home, or is it wiser to ship one (or more) vehicle? It might also be a good time to sell an older car and upgrade to a newer model after you’ve arrived. Taking a few minutes to consider your options could save you the expense of shipping a car.
• Furniture is bulky, heavy, and expensive to move. Evaluating your furniture’s value is an important step to take before committing to a too large (or too small) moving truck. What is the furniture currently worth on the re-sale market? Is it worth selling the furniture in your current town to reduce your moving costs? If you plan to sell your furniture, starting early is key! This maximizes the amount of time you have to get a fair price for your belongings.
• Is your pet a part of your family? If so, now is a good time to consider how you will move your pet to your new home. Most pet relocation services require up-to-date vaccinations for any pet they transport. Check with your vet to make sure your pet’s shots are up to date.


Some people consider packing supplies to be unnecessary expenses, but they can actually be wise investments. Investing in sturdy moving boxes and quality packing tape can be the difference between a successful rainy day move and a driveway littered with the contents of soggy containers. Here are a few packing tips:

• Buy more supplies than you think you’ll need. Some stores will allow you to return unused moving boxes. Home depot and Uhaul are two such places. You very well may need more boxes than you expect, so why not stock up from the beginning? Don’t forget boxes specifically designed for lamps and large televisions. Packing paper and bubble wrap are also very useful and help to avoid breakage.
• Move from room to room, and label boxes accordingly. For example, all pots and pans should be packed in boxes marked “Kitchen” and “Heavy” so that there is no confusion when the truck arrives at your new home. Also consider labeling boxes according to how important they are. An avid coffee drinker may want to label the box with the coffee maker as “Important” or “Unpack first!”
• If you’re packing clothing hanging in the closet, don’t take it off the hanger! Instead, grab the clothing out of the closet (hangers still attached), and gently lay it in a large box. Unpacking this box will be a snap when you arrive at your new home.

Final checklist:

• Don’t get left in the cold (or dark). Call ahead to schedule utility service. This includes natural gas, electricity, cable & internet.
• Never pack important documents in moving boxes. Keep them with you as you travel.
• Print copies of any contracts associated with the move, and have them available to compare with your final invoice.
• Write down all addresses and phone numbers as backups to having them on your cell phone.


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