Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas has many benefits, both environmental and economic. It is used in the home for heating, cooling, and cooking. Power plants use it to generate electricity and steam. Manufacturers include it in steel and glass production. Why do so many people and industries turn to natural gas to power their days?


Natural gas is considered by many to be the cleanest fossil fuel. Since it’s composed of methane, it burns more cleanly than other fuels. This reduces its output of carbon dioxide (less greenhouse gases), sulfur dioxide (less acid rain), and nitrogen oxide (less smog). How much cleaner is natural gas? It produces up to 65% fewer emissions than coal per kilowatt hour and 25% fewer emissions than oil.


Natural gas powers many appliances, from stoves to hot water heaters. Why do so many people choose natural gas appliances today? One word: Efficiency. Natural gas appliances produce heat more quickly than their electric counterparts. This means drier clothes, warmer food, and hotter showers.


In any age where outsourcing to foreign countries is commonplace, natural gas provides millions of jobs right here in America. These jobs are rooted here because of large natural gas deposits like the Marcellus, Illinois, and Antrim basins. Here are a few types of companies that create natural gas jobs every year:

  • E&P (Upstream exploration and production) companies
  • Pipeline transportation companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Natural gas suppliers (like Quake Energy)
  • Construction providers
  • Equipment manufacturers

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