5 Amazing Autumn Craft Ideas for the Family!

Settle into fall by sprucing up your home decor! Instead of heading to the store for decorations, gather supplies from mother nature. Decorating can be wallet-friendly and fun for the whole family! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for fall crafting projects:



  • Lantern Pumpkins:

Check out this easy and creative new take on the jack-o-lantern that is fun for both children and adults alike to make! These jack-o-lanterns can be indoor-friendly as well by switching out candles with a two- by three-inch battery-operated votive candle (inexpensive!). Create an unconventional jack-o-lantern for your patio using this simple tutorial.


  • Pumpkin Vase with Floral Arrangement:

What a beautiful (and easy) addition to your dining table, office desk, or kitchen! Choose any sized and colored pumpkin as the vase. Once you hollow it out, add any arrangement of flowers and plants to create a beautiful accent to your home.


  • Scarecrow:

Give trick-or-treaters someone to greet with a scarecrow! Customize your scarecrow’s personality: scary or friendly, male or female, casual or formal. The possibilities are endless! Find leftover lumber or larger branches to create the body. For example, a 2×4 for the main post, a 1×4 for the shoulders, and four more 1x4s for the arms. Use wood glue and fasteners to secure the elbow joints. Dress your scarecrow with any old clothes, and don’t forget to accessorize! Use a hat, scarf, and straw for hair!


  • Window Silhouettes:

Making window silhouettes requires little beyond some spooky imagination! Use wax paper, a pair of scissors, and black crafting paper to create an array of scenes and creatures for your windows. Window silhouettes are a great craft projects for kids and can be used for other holidays as well. Find some tips and ideas here!


  • Autumn Wreath:

Wreaths are classic, versatile, and easy to make. What’s best is that gathering your wreath’s “ingredients” is as easy as taking a stroll out in nature. One of our favorites is this maple leaf wreath. Beyond the branches and leaves, all you need is a wire wreath frame and some paddle wire to keep the leaves and branches in place. Use your creativity to add accents, such as berries or little trinkets from around the house. Find more inspiration here.


Enjoy the transition from summer to fall with some of these crafting ideas. Check back on the blog for more fun crafts, recipes, and events in your area. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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