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5 Great Ways to Save Money at Home

With summer just around the corner, many of us have started daydreaming about fun weekend trips and relaxing vacations. Unfortunately, many of our dream vacations have price tags to match.  Fear not, for there are lots of ways to save money (and entertain) at home.

1. Purge Clothes


Fun and Affordable Family Activities

Entertaining and bonding with the family doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. There are many fun and affordable ways to spend time with the loved ones. Here are just a few great ideas!

6 Great Family Activities:
Start a garden
Easy, sure-to-grow plants like zucchini or...


Columbus, OH: Capital of Ohio

Unlike most state capitals, which were already cities when they were chosen as capital, Columbus, Ohio was founded specifically for that purpose.  In the early 19th century, a law was passed in Ohio specifying that the location of the state capital should be centrally located in the state.  A ...


Cleveland, OH: Birthplace of “Rock and Roll”

Cleveland, OH: Birthplace of “Rock and Roll”

Foundation, Struggle, Expansion

General Moses Cleaveland might not believe his eyes if he could see his city today.  Arriving at the mouth of Cuyahoga River in 1796, Cleaveland, a surveyor for Connecticut Land Company, immediately began ...


Canton, OH: Home of NFL

Canton, OH is located in northeast Ohio and is the county seat of Stark County.  Canton was founded in 1805 by Bezaleel Wells, the land surveyor who laid out the original plots of land.

Canton grew very slowly throughout the early half of the 19th century, due to the lack of adequate ...


Marion, OH: Home of Warren G. Harding

Marion, OH’s history is tied to the success of both the Panama Canal and the Space Program.  Not bad credentials for a small city! Marion, OH is the county seat of Marion County and was founded in 1821 by Eber Baker and Alexander Holmes.  Within fifteen years, Marion had a population of over ...


Four Reasons to Start Gardening

It still feels like winter, but Spring is just around the corner.  There are many reasons to start a garden.  Here are four great ones!


1. Sustainability

Growing your own food at home is the perfect way to begin a lifetime of sustainable practices.

You are saving water. Common...


Youngstown, OH: Built by Steel

Youngstown, Ohio is the county seat of Mahoning County.  It was founded in 1797 by John Young, who purchased the 15,000 acres that would become Youngstown for around $16K.  Its founding was noted officially in 1802, and extensive iron ore and coal deposits were soon discovered nearby. &...


Toledo, OH: Glass City and the Story of Jeep

Toledo, OH: The Glass City

Toledo, OH has a unique history.  It is a city of glass, a city of creativity, a city of industry… a city with mysteries.  For instance, no one is quite sure how Toledo came to be called Toledo.  A popular explanation is that the author Washington Irving, who ...


Euclid, OH: Home of Charles F. Brush

Euclid, Ohio shares a long history with its neighbor, Cleveland.  For the first 30 years of its existence, Euclid was the larger of the two cities.  It wasn’t until the development of the Erie Canal in 1827 that Cleveland began to outgrow its neighbor.  Both cities were part of the same 3 ...


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