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Fun and Affordable Family Activities

Entertaining and bonding with the family doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. There are many fun and affordable ways to spend time with the loved ones. Here are just a few great ideas!


6 Great Family Activities:


Start a garden

Easy, sure-to-grow plants like zucchini or cherry tomatoes will be best for this unless you’d like to take on more of a challenge. With the extra hands, designate someone to do the watering and another to do the harvesting. This is a great daytime activity for kids of all ages. Gardening is a rewarding, hands-on activity that can get the whole family involved and outdoors.


Volunteer together

Nothing is more rewarding than helping others, and doing that as a family can benefit both your family and the people you’re helping. Gather the family for volunteer days and grow together. This website makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities in your area.


Go Camping

Camping is a fun family event that encompasses many other fun activities. Learn about stars, eat fun snacks, or tell scary stories. If you have any concerns about this outdoorsy activity, you can do a dry-run first. Pitch a tent in your backyard or check out this website and give the kids creative control in building blanket forts. Regardless, a lot of fun is sure to be had!


Have a family game night

Wii sports are great, but it’s also a good idea to introduce your kids to some older games. Hide and seek or freeze tag are exciting, timeless classics. However, if the weather doesn’t permit these outdoor activities, break out some board games. Choose the best type of game(s) depending on everyone’s ages and the number of players – the categories are endless!


Go for a walk around the neighborhood

This is an easy healthy activity to do as a family. Take as long of a stroll as you like and do some small activities along the way. See who can spot the most birds, or look out for fun lawn ornaments. Be extra careful if you live in a neighborhood without sidewalks. This can be a great opportunity to connect and unwind together after a long day at school/work or after a meal.


Explore your local public library

Libraries often have plenty of free events for kids. It can also be fun to check out books as a family every few weeks. You can all search for the same genre or split off into your favorite sections for an afternoon. It’s a great way for everyone to learn new skills and explore interests.



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