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5 Simple Tips to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

With low winter temperatures comes the annual fight against dry skin. Keep your largest organ hydrated this season by following these 5 easy tips:


1. Drink more water:

Drinking more water throughout the day is a simple but surefire way to keep your skin hydrated. We also can’t forget that it boosts energy, flushes toxins, and – well, just look at this chart for more benefits. The Institute of Medicine suggests men drink around 3 liters and women drink around 2 liters of water every day.


2. Use a humidifier:

Once you step inside, heaters in the household immediately start drying out your skin. Consider getting a small humidifier for the bedroom to get moisture back in the air, especially while sleeping. If you don’t have or want to purchase a humidifier, consider giving your face an easy DIY steam bath.


3. Avoid long, hot showers:

Although tempting, try to keep your showers as cool as possible. Hot showers strip your skin of precious natural oils that keep your skin moisturized.  While you’re in the shower, you can begin to follow our next step…


4. Exfoliate and moisturize:

Find a loofah or a coarse bath cloth suitable for exfoliation. Without all of the dry, dead skin cells sitting on the surface, moisturizers will have an easier time penetrating deeper into your skin. After rinsing off, use oils or rich creams to hydrate your smooth and clean skin. Consider a homemade mask as well!


5. Eat healthy fats:

Hydration can start from the inside as well! Try eating more healthy fats like fish, nuts, flax, sardines, and avocados. These all have omega 3 fatty acids that provide important nutrients to your skin’s health. Rosemary and gingko biloba help blood circulation to keep your extremities from shriveling in the cold weather as well.


Those are just a few tips to keep you looking and feeling great this winter season. Quake Energy hopes you stay warm this season! Check back on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more fun posts!