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5 Great Ways to Save Money at Home

With summer just around the corner, many of us have started daydreaming about fun weekend trips and relaxing vacations. Unfortunately, many of our dream vacations have price tags to match.  Fear not, for there are lots of ways to save money (and entertain) at home.


1. Purge Clothes

It’s always wise to go through your closet as the seasons change and filter out items you no longer wear or need. Taking a weekend to go through clothes, shoes, and accessories is not only therapeutic but also a great way to MAKE money. Head to your local buy/sell/trade store and make (at least) a few bucks.

Note: You can also do this with books, CDs, electronics, etc.

2. Cook at Home

An easy way to get creative and save money at home is to simply open up the freezer and pantry. Plan meals with the food you already have and watch your savings grow. There are many healthy resources that provide fun, easy, and healthy recipes to keep the taste buds excited. Cook in bulk and have food prepped for the rest of the week! This post has a few easy ideas for utilizing that crock pot.

3. Clean and Maintain Appliances

Regular maintenance on your home appliances can save some serious cash on your bills. Simple check ups include changing out air filters, switching to LED light bulbs, and cleaning coils in your fridge. Making sure your windows and doors are sealed can also help decrease costs by insulating your home. Additionally, putting your thermostat on a timer or using a fan can also cut down on summer bills. Preventative maintenance on home appliances also ensures no big disasters happen at home and in your bank account.

4. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

There are many healthy and cheap options for making your own cleaning supplies at home. Not only can you save money, but you can also keep your products all-natural! Some essential ingredients include baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice. Easy DIY  “recipes” can be found here.

5. Entertain at Home

One of the areas of life where we end up spending a lot of money is on entertainment. Just because you want to save money doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home twiddling your thumbs. Watch movies and shows on Netflix or Hulu, host game nights, potlucks, BBQs, – the list goes on! Utilize the area around you by walking or biking on trails, going to parks, and finding free events in your area. Check out this post for some family friendly activities that are fun and affordable!


Saving money doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you keep your goal in mind. Tell friends and family why you’re saving to receive additional emotional support.