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5 Great Restaurants in Ohio

Ohio is full of unique restaurants to visit. All around the state you can find burger joints, Italian fine-dining, Latin American cuisine or other niche restaurants. So whether you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie” or just enjoy visiting new places here are a few restaurants that are known to provide fun and original dining experiences:


1. Big Ed’s Main Street Soda Grill (Vermillion)

This sweet little soda shop offers classic menu items in a nostalgic atmosphere. Big Ed’s offers a quaint and simple place to grab lunch or just dessert. They have several options for specialty shakes, floats, and coffees. We hear you can stop by the old-fashioned soda fountain in the historic part of Vermillion on the way to the beach!


2. Buckeye Express Diner (Bellville)

This diner provides comfort food in a vintage rail car with an Ohio Buckeyes theme. It doesn’t seem to rely on gimmicks, however. Known for great service and good food, everyone (regardless of their team preference) is likely to enjoy a good meal here.


3. Sumburger (Chillicothe)

This one’s on the list mainly for what we think will be a nostalgic experience. Sumburger first opened for business in 1953, and it’s is said to be a pretty straightforward burger place.  It features burgers done the old-fashioned way. Park your car for classic curb service, or dine-in and place your order via telephone booth directly to the kitchen.


4. Primavista (Cincinnati)

This Italian restaurant is known for it’s outstanding view of downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River. You may need to dress up a bit for this upscale dining experience, but the effort is reportedly worth it. Primavista’s menu offers an array of classic Italian dishes starring veal, fresh fish, and sauces and stocks made in house with the finest ingredients. They also have vegan and gluten-free menus so there’s always something for everyone.


5. Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina (Athens)

If you’re in the mood for something from south of the border, you could try some Latin American cuisine. Casa Nueva has a cool laid back environment featuring local food on the menu. It boasts a choice of traditional ingredients, with additional vegan or gluten-free options for anyone with dietary restrictions. Local events also take place here, showcasing live music and art. There’s also the option to hang out at the “cantina” or have a more traditional dining experience in the dining area.


Although we’ve listed what we think are 5 unique restaurants in Ohio, we know there are so many other interesting places to check out. Spread the love and let us know some of your favorite spots as well. As always, keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter!