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5 Easy DIY Natural Beauty Products

Beauty products made at home don’t usually include any ingredients you can’t pronounce, which is especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin or allergies. You can save some money as well, since much of what you pay for in store-bought beauty products is the packaging.

The trick is finding ingredients that work with your skin or hair type. The fun part is making these concoctions and trying them out at home! Here are a few natural and easy “recipes.”



Face Masks


Prepare your skin for the warmer months by treating yourself to a quick rehabilitating face mask. Your skin endures a lot from indoor and outdoor factors. This is especially true during the winter, so get your summer glow ready with some brightening face masks!




Give your skin a refreshing mist after cleansing! Toners are simple to make and this website has 5 different recipes to suit your skin’s needs. Keep your skin looking dewy and glowing with a fresh, homemade mixture. Not only is it refreshing, but the vitamins in these toners are great for your skin!




After cleansing and applying toner, it’s time to moisturize. Here’s a recipe for a moisturizer using just three ingredients.  This one happens to feature coconut oil as its main ingredient. A little goes a long way with this creamy product. Moisturizers are meant to penetrate through your skin, so this product particularly benefits you by including only simple, healing ingredients.




Create your own natural fragrance as well! Here is the simpler route as a homemade solid perfume. You can easily carry and reapply as you like throughout the day. If you prefer a mist perfume you can do so with these recipes. Both can be completely personalized to fit your taste and include your favorite scents.


Dry shampoo


A life saver for those with busy schedules. No one will suspect you skipped the rinse, lather and repeat today, because the powder soaks up excess oil. This simple recipe will save you so much time getting ready on those days when you don’t have time to wash, condition, and re-style your hair.



Although these recipes are simple and time-saving, one of the greatest advantages is not having to worry about what chemicals you’re applying to your body. Enjoy all of the great benefits of your new, simplified beauty products!


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