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5 Best Apps for Productivity

Cellphones are well known for their ability to amuse and distract, but are not so often lauded for keeping their owners focused.  Of course, with text messages, emails, games and streaming video all at our finger tips, a smart phone has the potential to distract us from tasks.  However, some mobile applications actually provide great assistance in helping you focus on your responsibilities and work smart. Here are five of our favorite apps to get your productivity on track!




For many, the real first step to productivity is organization. Declutter your devices and declutter your life with an app like Dropbox. Dropbox stores all of your valuable files in a safe place, so you don’t have to worry about them and can clear up space on your device.

Online storage allows you to access your files when you need them, without adding too much clutter on your phone. This is especially useful for you prolific smartphone photographers out there!

Here is a list of a few more phone storage tips to free up space for some helpful apps.


Awesome Note 2


If you’re an iPhone user who relies on lists to make sure you get everything done, Awesome note 2 is an app you may be interested in. The app can break down your disparate lists into relevant folders and topics. For example: recipes, shopping lists, personal to-do’s, or just ideas to jot down. is a similar app available for both Android and iOS that will also help keep you focused on your goals. You can take your daily to-do lists a step further by uploading files, audio recordings, or photos.




Trello is another choice for Android and iOS and it allows you to create “containers” for your lists which can hold pictures, notes, ideas and these lists can be shared with other users, in the case of assigning tasks.

All of these apps include unique features to help you organize your life by organizing your to-do list first, but you can choose which seems the most helpful to you.




If you’re really smartphone-savvy, you may be assisted by Workflow. Workflow creates time saving shortcuts for actions that you repeat in your iPhone. These actions include calculating a tip or finding an Uber.

The app will automate them based on your “workflow,” or the order of actions you’ve created. You can add these “workflows” to your iPhone’s Notification Center in order to easily run them with just a swipe. Take a look at the possibilities here.

What are some apps that help you with your daily tasks? Be sure to share them with us on our Facebook page or Twitter feed!