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3 Simple Tips for Winterizing Your Home


With winter fast approaching, start the process of winterizing your home now. Take these preventative steps now to save you trouble and discomfort later in the winter. Here are some things to keep in mind as the colder weather creeps up.



You may not think of cleaning your gutters as anything more than a pointless chore, but your gutters work hard to keep water moving and draining away from your roof properly.  Clogged gutters can lead to water damage. In order to keep them working properly, they should be cleaned of debris. This will help water to flow easily and will help to prevent any build up of water that would lead to leaks. If you’re interested in going further to ensure your gutters are well-maintained, you can visit this website with some extensive directions on gutter maintenance.


Sealing Air Leaks

There are several spots in your home that can cause air leaks but the simplest areas to seal will be around windows and doors. Using weather stripping and caulk along cracks will help prevent the loss of warm air from your home and keep cool air from entering. Gaps even as small as an ⅛ inch under a few exterior doors can be the same as leaving a small window open halfway.

There are several options for weather stripping under doors, you’ll just want material that doesn’t compromise the function of the door. The Department of Energy has helpful information about the different types of weather stripping on their website.


Warm Decor

Simple redecorating can help conserve heat as well, switching out your bedding for heavier blankets and sheets and curtains for heavier drapes can help keep you and the house warm. An important thing to remember is to open the curtains during the day to take advantage of the natural heat from sunlight.


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