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3 Myths About Sunscreen

Everyone knows how damaging the sun’s UV rays can be. With so much information out there, a lot of it can get mixed up! Here are a few facts about the importance of sunscreen you might not know about:

“SPF 100 is two times as effective as SPF 50.”
This is a common misconception. ...

pet safety

Summer Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool

We all know not to leave a pet in the car and to make sure we give them plenty of water on hot days. But sometimes we forget just how vulnerable our pets really are in hot weather. Here are some simple tips to ensure your pet’s safety this summer. You’ll be surprised by how many of these ...

cleveland halloween

Halloween in Ohio: 5 Spooky Events

Fall is fast approaching and you know what that means! It’s almost time to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate or gather around the table for a plate of comfort food. But before we can enjoy the cold weather and that Thanksgiving feast, we can’t forget about Halloween! Here are 5 hair-...


5 Amazing Autumn Craft Ideas for the Family!

Settle into fall by sprucing up your home decor! Instead of heading to the store for decorations, gather supplies from mother nature. Decorating can be wallet-friendly and fun for the whole family! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for fall crafting projects:




easy halloween costumes

3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If a friend is dragging you to a costume party on two days notice, or if you have an office Halloween celebration coming up that has been slipping your mind, do not fear! There are tons of easy, unique, and hilarious do-it-yourself costumes that take almost no time or effort whatsoever. You don’...

thanksgiving tradition

Thanksgiving Traditions from Around the World

Although Thanksgiving Day is a holiday recognized and celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, there are similar days and ceremonies dedicated to giving thanks in nearly every country, culture, and religion. Here are just a few glimpses into what the tradition of expressing gratitude...

Washing Hands

Avoid Illness This Flu Season

The best way to combat an illness is to avoid being exposed to people showing symptoms. However, if you can’t steer clear of sneezing or coughing coworkers, you can at least take these steps to prevent the spread of germs during flu season:
Wash Your Hands
Wash your hands often with soap and ...


4 Fun Homemade After School Snacks

After a busy day, it’s tempting for you and the kids to grab quick and cheap processed snacks. But what if you could quickly prepare a simple snack that they (and you!) will enjoy – but without loads of sugar or mystery ingredients? Here are a few simple recipes for healthy snacks to keep...


3 Simple Tips for Winterizing Your Home


With winter fast approaching, start the process of winterizing your home now. Take these preventative steps now to save you trouble and discomfort later in the winter. Here are some things to keep in mind as the colder weather creeps up.

You may not think of cleaning...


5 Simple Tips to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

With low winter temperatures comes the annual fight against dry skin. Keep your largest organ hydrated this season by following these 5 easy tips:

1. Drink more water:

Drinking more water throughout the day is a simple but surefire way to keep your skin hydrated. We also can’t forget that ...


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